Nevada refrigerated cellars for the conservation of wine

In recent years, more and more people have entered into the world of Nevada wine. Thanks to the experience gained over more than 10 years in technology and refrigeration, it has reached elevated standards in the quality and innovation of the production of professional air-conditioned cellars and today is thus the only one able to best meet the needs of those who love wine, for passion or profession.

To cultivate this passion it is essential to know how to store bottles in an optimal manner. Nevada, the only Italian company able to manage the entire supply chain, from production to distribution, is the right solution.

Nevada Europe presents a new line of professional air-conditioned cellars for the storage and aging of wine.
A complete range, from 18 to 518 bottle single and double compartment cellars, equipped with computerized temperature control. The forced ventilation system recreates the ideal microclimate inside the cellar for the storage of wine.